What Characters Will Be Added In Ratatouille Disney Magic Kingdoms Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Mickey and Pluto Disney Magic Kingdom Level Up Screen

UPDATE: Go here for a summary of everything officially being added in the Ratatouille Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms is rumored to be adding a Ratatouille themed update to the game in early 2021 as the first update of a year. If this is right it will be a smaller permanent content update that brings the film to the game. So if this is right, what characters are going to be added?

We are going to try to guess what characters are going to be added in this update based on previous updates.

When Disney Magic Kingdoms adds permanent content, it can either be a bigger update, or a smaller update, and we do not know if this update will be big or small yet. If it is a bigger update, we can expect as many as 6 characters, but if it is smaller, we should only expect 3 or 4 characters.

So we are going to guess what characters are going to be added based on both of these possibilities.

Most Likely Characters

Remy and Linguini Holding a Tomato Blindfolded Ratatouille Pixar

If we only get 3 or 4 characters, then two of them are immediately obvious. Remy and Linguini are going to be added no matter what.

But who would the other two characters be?

Remy Yelling at Emile Ratatouille Pixar

I think the most likely characters that would be the next ones added would be Chef Skinner and Emile. Disney Magic Kingdoms tends to always add the villain, and I would expect there to be a roughly even number of rat and human characters.

These characters could easily form a storyline around them following the original film, which is what often happens with Disney Magic Kingdoms events.

Characters If Event Is Bigger

Anton Ego Towering Over Linguini Ratatouille Pixar

If the event is bigger, I would expect it to look functionally similar to the Lady and the Tramp event, meaning one character set of humans, and one character set of rats.

This would include all the characters already discussed with two additions, Remy's father Django, and Colette, although I do think there is also a chance either of these could be replaced by Anton Ego.

Colette Talking to Sleeping Linguini Ratatouille Pixar

These are the next three biggest characters and make the most sense to make their way into the game, as well as opening the story up to new possibilities.

Wildcard Characters

Ghost of Gusteau Talking To Remy Ratatouille Pixar

Now while the characters already discussed are the most likely to get added, Disney Magic Kingdoms does have a tendency to do weird things. So here we are going to mention some other characters Disney Magic Kingdoms the game could add, in place of any of the less likely characters.

The ghost of Gusteau could certainly be added to the game, although it would be a bit strange to have a character that can only interact with one character. But the game has brought people back from the dead before so who knows.

Any of the members of the restaurant staff would also be fair game for an addition, although it would be weird to see them add only one.

Attractions and Beyond

Anton Ego Eating Ratatouille Pixar

So other than characters, what else will this game add in this update.

Almost certainly, this update will add Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, or its Walt Disney Studios Paris name Kitchen Calamity being added, as it's the only Disney ride based on the film.

Other than this, either of the two restaurants from the film could be added as an attraction, but there's not much else they could add as an attraction unless they did a more broad Paris attraction.

Also, if the game doesn't add a ratatouille concession stand it would be a real missed opportunity.

Finally, if the game ever intends on adding Impressions de France, this is the only time I think they will. We have seen the game add slightly related attractions from the parks before, with the most similar instance being Reflections of China getting added in a Mulan update.


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