John Watts Working On MCU Fantastic Four Film


Fantastic Four Marvel Cinematic Universe Film Logo Disney MCU

One of the biggest announcements in a night of big announcements from Disney Investor Day was the suprising announcement of a Marvel Cinematic Universe set film based on Marvel's first film, the Fantastic Four.

Marvel did not reveal much about this film, other than that it is currently being developed by director John Watts.

This will bring some of the most iconic Marvel superheroes into the flagship franchise of the series for the first time.

No timeframe was given for this announcement, and it is unclear how far this is into development. But given that a signal image was shown, this is in very early stages and we can't expect to see it until the tail end of Phase 4 of the MCU at the earliest.

This will be the first film developed based on the characters Disney gained in the Marvel universe with the purchase of 20th Century Fox, and they will have to deal with the baggage of two failed franchise attempts based on these heroes in the past two decades.

We will keep you up to date as more information is released about this developing film in the MCU.