Santa Claus Disney Character Tribute

 Disney Character Tribute

Santa Claus Sleigh Disney World Christmas Parade

It wouldn't be Christmas without the jolly old man himself making an appearance, and there has never been a shortage of appearances of Santa Claus in various celebrations of the holidays at Walt Disney World.

Santa is typically found in both parades during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party as well as meet and greets in various Disney Parks around the holiday season, allowing for families to meet the iconic holiday figure during their Disney vacation.

The various holiday parades at the Disney Parks over the years usually feature Santa in his sleigh ready to greet the children who have gathered along the parade route to meet him and their favorite Disney friends.

But Santa Claus actually used to appear much more often in the Disney Parks.

Santa Float Hollywood Holly Day Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios Stars and Motor Cars

Santa used to appear in normal daytime parades in the Disney Parks and not just the castle parks like the Magic Kingdom. Notably, he appeared in the classic Hollywood Holly-Day Parade Christmas themed overlay of the Stars and Motor Cars Parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

There are also various different holiday figures from around the world who are found around the World Showcase of Epcot during the season, making for an international celebration of versions of this classic holiday figure from various countries.

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