Christmas Winnie The Pooh Character Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute 

Winnie The Pooh Christmas Outfit Disney's Animal Kingdom

Many Disney characters appear in special outfits for the holiday season, and the Winnie The Pooh typically appears in special winter weather outfits colored for the season.

The lovable stuffed bear will appear in the park with added winter gear usually including a scarf and hat of green and red, that combined with his iconic red shirt, makes him look perfectly dressed for Christmas.

Christmas Winnie The Pooh Signing Autographs Walt Disney World

Almost all of his appearances during the holiday season include these special additional pieces to his outfit including when he meets with guests and appears in parades and shows.

Santa Tigger Signing Autographs Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pooh is not the only character to appear in holiday clothing, with the other friends of the Hundred Acre Woods often appearing in special winter clothing as well. Tigger appears wearing not only a scarf but also a Santa hat.

Christmas Pooh Eeyore and Rabbit Walt Disney World

The special outfits give these characters some special holiday charm, and while the exact outfits have changed over the years, the magic added by having the characters celebrate the holidays in the park along with guests has remained.

Christmas Eeyore Signing Autographs in Disney's Animal Kingdom

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