Look Back On Christmas in Camp Minnie Mickey

Camp Minnie Mickey at Christmas Meet and Greet Exit Walt Disney World

Camp Minnie Mickey is the only former land in Disney's Animal Kingdom. This land was a placeholder that held a collection of shows and a meet and greet plaza for Mickey and Friends plaza, but it still celebrated the holiday season every year.

Camp Minnie Mickey Entrance Sign at Christmas Disney's Animal Kingdom

The land would be covered in Christmas lights and a massive collection of Christmas trees throughout its pathways.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Christmas Tree Disney World
Christmas Tree Camp Minnie Mickey Walt Disney World
These Christmas trees all had a special Animal Kingdom feel to them that made them both celebrate the holiday season as well as blending in perfectly to the thematic tapestry of the park

Donald Duck Christmas Outfit Disney's Animal Kingdom

The characters of the land would also meet in special holiday outfits, making the whole land one of the most decorated lands for the Christmas season.

Christmas Trees Camp Minnie Mickey Disney's Animal Kingdom

While this land no longer exists, Disney's Animal Kingdom now celebrates the holidays through every land, following in the tradition of this land.