Top 5 Disneyland Live Performances

Disney Adventurer

Mickey Mouse During Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

Live entertainment is one of the best elements of the Disneyland Resort. Some of the most magical moments at the parks are brought on by the live performances of varying scale throughout the two parks.

We are going to count down five of the best live performances throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in no paticular order.

5. Storytelling at Royal Theatre

Royal Theatre Storytellers Disneyland

The Royal Theatre has a series of stage performances that reimagine classic animated musicals into comedic stage performances. Each version of the show features a collection of storytellers, one or two characters from the featured animated film alongside a live piano player who accompanies the show in real time.

Each version of the show is filled with as many jokes as it can fit in, with the most recent versions of the show featuring alternating performances based on Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. It is also special for giving guests a chance to meet the performers in a meet and greet after the show, with everyone from the storytellers to Disney characters taking part. 

Princess Belle at the Royal Theatre Disney Character Disneyland

4. Five and Dime

Five and Dime is a smaller performance at Disney California Adventure but a special one nontheless. This gave Buena Vista Street a live musical performance group that would perform several times a day in the park, in a style befitting the time period of the land.

Five and Dime in Hollywoodland Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This show is also special as it also involved the group performing while heading in and out of the park, adding atmosphere music to Hollywoodland and Buena Vista Street before and after each full performance.

3. Disneyland Band/ Dapper Dans

Disneyland Band Belle and Beast in Front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

The Disneyland Band and the Dapper Dans, as well as all the musical groups of Disneyland are small performances that bring the park to life with live music. These all bring some of the most iconic songs from Disney films and beyond to the parks in fun and unique ways.

But these groups become even more magical when they come together, as the Disneyland Band and the Dapper Dans did once a day for a special joint performance in Main Street USA's town square.

Disneyland Band Performing In Front Of Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

2. Mickey and the Magical Map

Princess and the Frog Finale Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map is a stage show that would play daily in Fantasyland telling an original story where Mickey Mouse is magically sucked into a map that transports him to various worlds from Disney animated films. He visits a variety of characters from numerous Disney Princesses, to Stitch and King Louie.

Stitch Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

This show is a great way to see a ton of Disney characters all at once, and the show features a stellar cast of dancers and Disney characters all appearing on stage in a fun original storyline.

1. Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Elsa and Anna Frozen Live at the Hyperion For The First Time In Forever Reprise Disney California Adventure

Frozen Live at the Hyperion is by far the most elaborate show at the Disneyland Resort, translating the modern hit animated musical to the stage for the first time on a scale this large. It utilized massive sets and impressive live performances by a cast of professional actors several times a day.

This show featured the iconic songs from the hit movie all performed live with great special effects and Broadway calibar choreography that made this show one of the best to ever be shown at a Disney Park anywhere in the world.

Hans and Princess Anna Betrayal Scene Frozen Live at the Hyperion Disney California Adventure