5 Fun Facts About The Lighting Thief The Percy Jackson Musical


The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical Curtain Broadway

The Lightning Thief transformed the modern hit young adult series, Percy Jackson, into a musical that even made it to Broadway for a limited run.

Here we share five fun facts about this short-lived Broadway musical.

1. Score

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical Poster Broadway

This show was the only musical with an original score in its season, partially due to the season being cut short by the COVID19 pandemic.

2. Original Cast Member

Kristin Stokes Actress The Lightning Thief Musical Stage Door Broadway

The Broadway run of the show featured a cast member from the original off-Broadway run of the show, Kristin Stokes as Annabeth Chase.

3. Multiple Roles

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical At The Longacre Theatre Broadway

Due to the small cast, many members of the cast play many roles throughout the show, allowing over one and a half dozen characters to be played throughout the show by only seven actors.

4. Longacre Theatre

Percy Jackson Musical On Broadway 16 Weeks Only Marquee

The Broadway run of this show ran at the Longacre Theatre. This location is currently home to a musical based on the life of Princess Diana.

5. Canceled Tour

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical Set Broadway

This show was set to embark on another national tour following the Broadway run, but this never materialized as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.