What Will Be The Next Roller Coaster Removed From Six Flags New England?

Six Flags New England

Goliath Roller Coaster Inverted Boomerang Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is one of the most elaborate amusement parks in the northeast United States, and it is constantly changing.

Today we are speculating on what will be removed next from Six Flags New England in the near future.

The Joker Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

The park has not received a new coaster since 2017, and the park has typically been added a new roller coaster every three to five years, so they are due for a new coaster. But plans were likely delayed by the pandemic, but if the park recovers quickly it could be next in line for a new roller coaster.

The park really has two unnecessary overlaps in their current coaster lineup, and odds are one of them would be removed.

The Riddler Revenge Roller Coaster Rollover Six Flags New England

First, the park has two inverted roller coasters, The Riddler Revenge and Goliath. While there aren't really any other inverted coasters in the region, it is debatable if the park really needs two coasters this similar.

Both of these rides have had problems over the years. The Riddler Revenge is a Suspended Looping Coaster, a model notorious for being rough. Meanwhile, Goliath is never open, and constantly has technical problems. This is combined with uncomfortable trains that are exclusive to this version of the ride.

Goliath Giant Inverted Boomerang Roller Coaster Lift Hill Towers Six Flags New England

It is easy to see one of them being removed, and if it is one of them then I would guess it would be Goliath. The park recently invested in new trains for The Riddler Revenge and gave it a retheme, which would suggest that it will remain in the park longer. Meanwhile, the park doesn't even bother to open Goliath half the time.

The other overlap in the Six Flags New England coaster lineup is the most obvious, the park has two boomerangs right next to each other.

One of these is the aforementioned Goliath, so I won't repeat all of its issues.

Flashback Boomerang Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

But right next door is Flashback, a traditional boomerang model, with an identical track layout, just on a more traditional roller coaster track instead of being an inverted coaster.

While Flashback is the oldest of the two roller coasters, Goliath works significantly less reliably, so I would still assume Goliath would be more likely to be removed between these two as well.

Goliath Roller Coaster Cobra Roll Six Flags New England

But as these rides are right next to one another, I do see a possibility that both are removed at the same time. They are both clones of moderate popularity that could easily make for a great location for the park's next flagship coaster.

This would be a massive area for the next coaster, and only remove a troublesome coaster and what is probably the least popular non-kiddie roller coaster in the park. If I had to guess this is where the park will turn to when they want to build a new coaster, as they could get a great new ride for a relatively small cost to the park's lineup.