Stanley Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Stanley Disney Character Meet and Greet Walt Disney World

Playhouse Disney was the first attempt Disney made at creating and running a collection of television series aimed specifically at preschoolers and younger children, and in the early days of the channel, many of the characters created for this channel made appearances in the Disney Parks. One of the characters who made regular appearances in the Disney Parks was Stanley.

Stanley, a character who originally appeared on a show named after him, was a common character while his show aired on TV. His show, by the same creator of such other Playhouse Disney, hits as Jojo's Circus

Meeting guests with his goldfish Dennis in tow with him, he was a fun character to meet for any fan of the series.

Stanley was a show that prominently featured various animals in each episode as part of the lesson, and as such, his most common spot to be found in Walt Disney World over the years was in Disney's Animal Kingdom. He could typically be found in the Rafiki's Planet Watch section of the park either inside or outside of the building.

At the Disneyland Resort, he was a regular part of the early character lineup of Disney California Adventure, meeting guests in the Hollywood Land section of the park, near where the Playhouse Disney Live On Stage show was located.

Stanley Puppet Playhouse Disney Live On Stage Walt Disney World

Stanley was also an early part of Playhouse Disney Live On Stage in its initial version, appearing as part of his own section of the show.

Stanley may have disappeared forever from the Disney Parks, but he is fondly remembered by people who got a chance to see him in his short visits to them.

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