Top 5 Walt Disney World Preshows

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Magic Kingdom Train Station Walt Disney World

Preshows are a part of many rides at the four theme parks of Walt Disney World, helping introduce you to the story of the attraction, as well as usually providing necessary safety information. These can be incredibly fun, and Disney makes sure that each preshow is a necessary part of the full ride experience.

But what are the best preshows at the four theme parks of Walt Disney World. Here are our picks for the best 5 preshows ranked.

5. Test Track

Test Track Preshow Design A Car Room Epcot Walt Disney World

Test Track has an incredibly interactive preshow that is incredibly fun for guests young and old alike, that even has an impact on the ride. In the preshow you are given the oppertunity to design a car, and have it compete with the car you will be riding during the actual ride. This is an experience that allows you to experiment and try new things every time you ride the attraction.

4. Dinosaur

Dinosaur is one of the underappriciated gems of Disney's Animal Kingdom, and one of its best parts is the preshow. This preshow is a comedic introduction to the ride's storyline, going back in time to save an Iguanadon from the metoer that killed the dinosaurs, and prominently features the ride's main character Dr. Seeker, and the style of humor used throughout the ride.

This preshow is full of fun, and transitions the attraction from the very different queue line and actual ride.

3. Soarin

Soarin Around the World Preshow Epcot Walt Disney World

Soarin's preshow has become iconic, being one of the few parts of the ride experience to be unchanged by the adjustment of the film portion of the ride when it became Soarin Around The World. Featuring the wonderful Flight Attendant character portrayed by Patrick Warburton who has become one of the most iconic original Disney Parks characters in this century. Featuring a nice mix of humor with an introduction of the ride that matches the tone of the film.

This preshow was kept amid the ride's redesign for a reason and it is still one of the best in Walt Disney World.

2. Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic rides in Walt Disney World, with one of the most iconic preshows. There are a significant portion of Disney fans who have this memorized (and may talk along with the preshow). The Stretching Room is essentially a part of the ride, and it is one of the most famous parts of the attraction. You are introduced to one of the ride's main characters, the Ghost Host, and experience a few of the dark jokes that are litered throughout the ride.

1. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance

BB8 Audio Animatronic Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance is one of the newest rides at Walt Disney World, and its preshow is truely one of the most remarkable parts of the experience. Featuring multiple parts, the preshow is a part of the ride experience perhaps more than any other. Featring animatronics, screen effects, live cast members, and multiple different preshow rooms. It is elaborate, modern, and exciting from begining to end, preparing you for the incredible ride you are about to experience.

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