Flik Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Flik Character Meet and Greet A Bug's Life Disneyland Disney California Adventure

Flik is the main character from Pixar's A Bug's Life, and he was a major part of the Disney Parks for a long time after his film was released. As an early Pixar hit, this movie was a big part of early Pixar attractions and shows in Walt Disney World and Disneyland alongside Toy Story, and Flik was the most common character to find from his film.

Bug's Life was regularly featured in parades and shows, and Flik was usually featured front and center in any and all of the Pixar presence in the parks. Eventually this movie would be the first Pixar movie to get its own land in the Disney Parks, with A Bug's Land in Disney California Adventure.

Flik Character From A Bug's Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Flik also became one of the most common characters to find in meet and greets in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Usually he could be found near It's Tough To Be A Bug wandering the grounds near the Tree of Life.

Flik Character in A Bug's Land Disney California Adventure

As time went on, and Pixar released progressively more movies, Flik would gradually be replaced by other characters from more recent films. He would essentially disappear entirely from Walt Disney World, only meeting regularly in A Bug's Land in Disney California Adventure.

Flik Bug's Life Character Meet and Greet Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Now, Flik is almost never seen in the Disney Parks, having gone from one of the most common Pixar characters, to a character only seen occasionally in special events, or as a part of a much larger parade or show featuring Pixar's entire library.

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  1. I am petitioning for Flik to come back to the Disney Parks. There is ALWAYS hope that Flik will become a regular meet-&-greet character again! So feel free to sign our 2 petitions! For Flik to meet and greet regularly at Animal Kingdom at WDW again, sign our petition at https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-bring-flik-back-to-animal-kingdom-again. And for Flik to meet and greet regularly at Pixar Pier in DCA at Disneyland, sign our petition at https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-bring-flik-and-his-friends-to-meet-at-pixar-pier.


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