Princess Elena Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Princess Elena Character Meet and Greet Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Princess Elena is a unique character in the Disney Parks. She is one of the only princess characters to appear in the parks that originated on TV, and today she is still a regular part of the Disney Parks, even after her series has ended.

Princess Elena began making regular appearances at the Disney Parks in the early days of her television series, appearing in a special parade and meet and greet experience in the Disneyland Resort as well as joining other Disney Princesses at Walt Disney World.

Princess Elena Character Meeting Child Walt Disney World

Disney Junior characters rarely outlast the series their based on, but as the first Disney Latina princess she has been one of the most popular characters to come out of the preschool oriented channel in recent memory.

Princess Elena Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Elena has recently disappeared essentially from the entire Disneyland Resort, but she is still one of the regular princesses at the Magic Kingdom, greeting guests in the most popular Disney Park in the world on a daily basis.

Have you ever met Elena in the Disney Parks?

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