What Is The Locker Policy on Superman The Ride at Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England

Superman The Ride Roller Coaster Train Six Flags New England

At most of the rides on Six Flags New England, riders are allowed to place their loose particles on the side of the attraction while on the ride. This is not the case on one of the park's flagship attractions, Superman The Ride, which has a more strict policy regarding loose articles than any of the other rides at the park, which is strictly enforced.

The queue line for this attraction starts by having you walk through a locker room. It is required and enforced that any loose articles which are big and cannot fit in a pocket must be placed within one of these lockers. This would include all bags, even if they are fanny packs that attach to you, as well as any backpacks.

Superman The Ride Roller Coaster Airtime Hill Six Flags New England

If you arrive at the station with any loose articles, you will be sent back to the locker room and forced to wait in line for the roller coaster again.

The one exception to this is there is a place to put a souvenir cup from the park within the station, but only the park's official cups. Any other items that can't be placed in a pocket during the ride are not allowed to be taken with you into the line for this attraction.

Superman The Ride Entrance Six Flags New England Roller Coaster

This ride has the strictest loose article policy at Six Flags New England, and it is strictly enforced, so be sure you either do not bring large items, or are prepared to pay for a locker.

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