Lake Compounce Vs Quassy

Coaster Round Up

Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster Train Quassy Amusement Park

Lake Compounce and Quassy are the two main amusement parks located in Connecticut and both are classic style parks that have made attempts to modernize themselves in recent years. But which park is better?

Today I am going to compare both Lake Compounce and Quassy. This comparison will be split into sections, including price, rides, setting, and food.


Boulder Dash First Drop Wooden Roller Coaster Lake Compounce

So which park is better in terms of price is difficult. Lake Compounce offers a more common admission ticket, where you pay one price for entrance and thats it. Quassy you can either purchase tickets for each ride or a ride band for all day rides. Depending on how many rides you want to experience either could be the better deal. If you want to just go and do a few rides, or even just the coasters, Quassy may be a better deal, but if you want to spend the full day they are probably about equal in terms of the parks size and how much each costs.

But where they diverge in terms of value is in the season pass. The Lake Compounce season pass is a great deal, especially if you get it during one of many sales over the year, sometimes costing barely more than a day ticket for a low level season pass. Quassy's season pass actually costs more than Lake Compounce's despite being a significantly smaller park.


Zoomerang Roller Coaster Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce has far more rides than Quassy, and far better rides overall.

Significantly Lake Compounce features 5 roller coasters, including the world class wooden roller coaster Boulder Dash, which places it far above Quassy in terms of the quality of its rides.

Little Dipper Kiddie Roller Coaster Quassy Amusement Park

What is worth mentioning is that Quassy caters to a younger crowd, so while it may not have the best rides, if you have younger kids who will be visiting a park with you, Quassy may be the better option. There are certainly plenty of kiddie rides at Lake Compounce but overall their rides skew older than Quassy.


Lake Compounce Lake

While the theming is relatively equal between the two parks, maybe slightly better at Lake Compounce, the settings of the two parks really makes all the difference.

Both feature a lakeside setting, but Quassy actually makes use of the lake with a boat ride and paddle boats, on top of swimming, whereas the lake at Lake Compounce is mostly decorative apart from a small swimming area.

What Lake Compounce does have though is an amazing mountainside setting that the park makes use of wonderfully. Its signature attraction, Boulder Dash, speeds through the tree filled mountainside, which gives the park a wonderful nature filled setting throughout the entire park.


Chicken Tenders and Fries Basket Quassy Restaurant

The food at both Lake Compounce and Quassy is incredible, with standout offerings at both parks.

At Lake Compounce the park has a combination of chain restaurants, on top of great original offerings, specifically the Potato Patch and the new for 2021 Timberjack Chowhouse.

Quassy has more limited food offerings, being a smaller park, but the Quassy Restaurant has some of the best food that I have ever had in a theme park.