Shamu Orca Lighthouse at SeaWorld Orlando: Extinct SeaWorld Tribute

Extinct SeaWorld Tribute

Shamu Lighthouse Killer Whale Orcas SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has done a lot over the last decade to redefine its image in the face of significant public controversy. One of the biggest changes to come to the parks as a result of this was to minimize the usage of Orcas/ Killer Whales in their parks and the gradual retirement of their Shamu character.

One of the elements of the park that had to change as a part of this larger effort by the parks was the SeaWorld Orlando Orca/ Killer Whale/ Shamu Lighthouse.

SeaWorld Orlando Killer Whale Orca Lighthouse

This lighthouse was a significant icon in the park, and was primarily a white and blue lighthouse with images of the animal printed on it located inside one of the animal exhibits.

It perfectly fit SeaWorld at the time, which largely used Orcas as the mascot of the company and parks.

But following some high profile negative incidents with killer whales and trainers involving a human death, as well as a popular documentary which while not entirely accurate, was highly critical of SeaWorld's orca program, SeaWorld started to gradually end its captivity of Orcas slowly over the next several decades.

The park has changed many protocols related to Orcas, and this one location is a perfect example of those changes.