Top 5 United States Theme Park Castles

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60th Anniversary Diamond Anniversary Decorations on Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

Some of the most iconic structures in theme parks around the world are the various castles. From being the icons of Disney Parks, to being iconic parts of some of the best theme park lands in the world, they are a huge part of what makes theme parks special.

Today we are ranking five of the best theme park castles located in the United States, from worst to best.

5. Beast's Castle

Ballroom Be Our Guest Restaurant Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Beast's Castle was a highly publicized and much-anticipated part of the New Fantasyland addition to the Magic Kingdom. But while the building is impressive, especially the Be Our Guest restaurant on the inside. But the castle itself never received much love.

The reason being it used forced perspective to appear much larger than it actually was, and it did not work. Unless you were standing in the exact right spot the forced perspective did not work and it was obvious how small the castle actually was. It is still impressive, it just could be better.

4. Little Mermaid

Ariel's Castle New Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The Little Mermaid has its castle featured just outside the entrance to Ariel's Undersea Adventure in the Magic Kingdoms and while small it is an impressive structure that looks almost identical to how Eric's castle appears in the film.

Similar to Beast's Castle, you also have the ability to enter this castle through the caves of the attraction's queue line, adding for some special details on the inside of the ride.

3. Hogwarts

Slytherin Projections on Hogwarts Castle Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios Hollywood

Hogwarts Castle was an iconic part of the Harry Potter series, and it has become the icon of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is an exact replica of the castle in the films and makes for a perfect visual centerpiece for the land. It also holds an exact replica of many of the rooms of the castle in the queue line for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction located inside.

The only point against this castle is that due to its use of forced perspective, the illusion of the castle can be messed up by a bird landing on the castle.

2. Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disney Characters and the Disneyland Band In Front Of Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle is the castle that started the whole trend of theme park castles and today it is still one of the best. It is one of the most iconic buildings on earth and one of the main reasons that theme parks even exist to this day.

With its classic design and small scale, it perfectly fits the intimate setting of Disneyland, allowing you to walk right up to and into the castle. With an attraction hidden inside, and amazing seasonal decorations and nightly projections, this castle is one of the best theme park buildings in the world.

1. Cinderella Castle

Princess and the Frog Characters on the Cinderella Castle Stage Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle is one of if not the most iconic theme park buildings of all time. It only makes sense that it would be the first one on this list. With its massive scale and timeless design, this building has come to represent Disney Parks as a whole, and is located in not one, but two Disney Parks worldwide, the Magic Kingdoms and Tokyo Disneyland.

The Magic Kingdom also has some special details, including its restaurant Cinderella's Royal Table, as well as a stage in front of the castle. It is an icon of Disney and theme parks, and the best castle in any theme park in the US.