What Coaster Every Six Flags Park Needs The Most

Coaster Round Up

Bizzaro Roller Coaster Cobra Roll Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags is one of the biggest amusement park chains and their parks are known for their world class roller coasters.

So today I am determining what kind of roller coaster each park in the Six Flags needs the most based on their current lineup. If a coaster is announced or under construction at the park then it will be included in any discussions, and this list assumes rides that closed due to the pandemic that have yet to open will not reopen.

I am also going to try to be realistic with how Six Flags treats their parks with the list, so no extremely expensive coasters for small parks.

Six Flags New England

Gotham City Gauntlet Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is the oldest park in the chain and it has a strong, and top heavy, lineup of roller coasters, with a good amount of variety. But what it is really missing is a launch coaster. There is only one launch coaster in all of New England, and that is a Sky Rocket II that should not be difficult to beat. A custom Premier Rides coaster or a Maxx Force style ride could each be a great addition to the park and potentially add a third standout original ride to the park.

I could also make a slightly weaker case for the park to get a RMC Raptor as there are so few, but the park really does not need another cloned roller coaster.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape is a smaller Six Flags park that does not really have any modern roller coasters. But the park is also not going to be given anything major anytime soon. I can think of two cheaper coasters that would suit the park incredibly well, either a 4D Free Spin or one of the RMC Raptor clones.

Both of these would add a nice modern roller coaster to the park and be a nice fit among the coasters already in the park, providing an incredibly different experience.

Frontier City

Frontier City is another smaller Six Flags park with relatively few characters, and honestly what it could really use is a moderately intense coaster, something either along the lines of a wild mouse coaster or a boomerang if they wanted an inverting coaster. This park could really just use something new of moderate size.

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is the original Six Flags park but it hasn't gotten many new major coasters in the last decade, but it also has a well balanced lineup. There are only two potential gaps I can see.

One is a non shuttle launch coaster, as the park's only launch coaster is Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. This could easily be a new standout coaster for the park if done right.

The other could be an RMC Raptor. The park already has New Texas Giant, but given it is the first RMC it doesn't have the most daring elements. A raptor could give the park a more intense experience and pad the middle of the park's lineup.

La Ronde

This park has a strong top of their lineup so they really could use a new mid tier coaster. Given that it is a Six Flags park, I am thinking the park could really use a 4D Free Spin roller coaster. Its a nice cheap coaster that would give the park something new and take up a small amount of space.

It may not be the best roller coaster, but the park has several strong coasters and it really just needs anything new, and there is nothing like this anywhere nearby.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is going to have a lot of competition in the next few years, mainly from RMC, and given they have one of the smallest RMCs, the park could really use another. I think a custom raptor could become a standout coaster here, and be a good fit amongst the other new coasters coming to Georgia in the near future.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has many roller coasters, but they are currently missing one of the staple coaster types of parks of its size, a hyper coaster.

Now that Six Flags is working with B&M again a hyper coaster from them could be an amazing coaster for them. Unfortunately this may not be realistic given various rumors regarding the park and previous attractions make this somewhat unlikely.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is by far the most difficult park to determine a new coaster for. It has the most roller coasters in the world, with another one on the way. It already has most of the best roller coaster models in the world, and some of the best of each of these ride types.

Honestly I think what the park needs the most is a roller coaster of moderate intensity without inversions. The park has more than enough intense roller coasters and more than enough kiddie coasters, but what it is really missing is a traditional steel family coaster beyond their classic mine train.

Any park needs a mix of roller coaster intensities, and the park has a small gap in the middle.

Six Flags St Louis

This park has a lot of great coasters, but what I think the park could really use is an RMC hybrid roller coaster. The park currently features three wooden roller coasters and it could relatively easily sacrifice one of them to give the park a new hybrid roller coaster.

The park has a lot of mid tier intensity roller coasters, and an intense ride like a hybrid could really help the park.

Six Flags America

This park really needs an RMC. I don't even think it matters if it is a hybrid or a raptor, it just really needs that type of modern intense inverting roller coaster. The last custom built inverting roller coaster in the park was 20 years ago, and this could give the park an amazing one.

If Six Flags isnt wanting to spend more money a Free Spin could be a more economic option for the park, although they really need something more major.

Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro On Camelback Hill Wooden Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

With Jersey Devil just being added, this park does not need a new coaster any time soon, but I'm still going to say what I think it should be.

I think the park needs an RMC Hybrid roller coaster. Yes they did just get Jersey Devil, but they are a massive amusement park, and they are one of the biggest parks, in terms of the number of roller coasters, without one.

The park would need to build one from scratch, as they should not replace El Toro, their only wooden coaster, but if they built one it could easily be one of their best rides if done well.

Six Flags Great America

Once again, this is a park with an incredibly strong roller coaster collection. It has some of the best intense roller coasters in the world.

Because of this what the park really needs is a kiddie coaster. They have so many coasters for thrill seekers, but families and young children could really use something more in the park.

Six Flags Darien Lake

There are so many roller coasters that this park needs, as it really didn't get many major additions when Six Flags didn't own the park. But honestly what I think it needs most is not a major splashy ride. I think it needs a moderate coaster without inversions, especially considering its one recent addition was Tantrum.

Personally I think a smaller wooden coaster, similar to some by the Gravity Group could be perfect for the park, giving them something new without too much investment that would fit in well with what they already have.

Six Flags Mexico

This park has many roller coasters, but most are clones or just generally unimpressive. What it could really use is any kind of impressive custom launched coaster. Because the park also does not have a launched coaster, I think a custom Premier Rides launched coaster similar to West Coast Racers could be a good fit for the park.

If the park wanted to be cheaper they could also always go with a Sky Rocket II and add another quality cloned roller coaster to the park.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

With the upcoming addition of a B&M Dive Coaster this park absolutely does not need a new roller coaster any time soon. But I am going to speculate anyways.

What the park really needs is a modern wooden roller coaster, since they sacrificed their only one for Iron Rattler. A modern GCI or Gravity Group would fit the park well and give the park something completely different than anything they currently has.