Haunted Mansion Holiday: Never Built Magic Kingdom

Never Built Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion Holiday is a classic Disneyland attraction that reimagines one of the most iconic Disneyland rides of all time with characters from Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween and Christmas. But this popular seasonal overlay has never made its way to Walt Disney World.

If rumors are to be believed though then that was not always the intention.

Reportedly a full set of props was developed for the Magic Kingdom version of the Haunted Mansion with the intention of the seasonal overlay making it to Walt Disney World, only slightly adjusted to deal with the fact that the two mansions are not identical clones.

But this never materialized, so what happened?

The rumors state Disney World did not want to pay to install and removed the mansion every year, which is an expensive process. Also, since Walt Disney World caters mostly to tourists as opposed to locals unlike Disneyland, adding and removing this attraction would mean that one of the Magic Kingdom's most popular attractions was going to be closed for over a month each year.

So instead, the props may have been sold to Tokyo Disneyland (which is actually a separate company) and utilized on their version of the Haunted Mansion, which is an identical copy of the Magic Kingdom version of the ride.

To this day only two out of three Haunted Mansions have the iconic Haunted Mansion Holiday, and that does not look like it will change anytime soon.