Which Six Flags Parks I Think Could Get RMC Raptors

Coaster Round Up

Jersey Devil Coaster Station Six Flags Great Adventure

The RMC Raptor roller coaster model is increasing in popularity, especially in the Six Flags chain, being added in two of their parks, with more rumored for future years.

So today I am speculating as to which parks I think will get an RMC Raptor in the near future if this becomes a favored model of coaster for the company, similar to the free spins, and what type of raptor they could get. I am not going to be including Six Flags Magic Mountain as that coaster is all but confirmed at this point.

So an important thing to know about raptors is that they are relatively cheap, with even more extensive raptors like Jersey Devil Coaster being a relatively inexpensive coaster compared to other rides. Because of this a few models could easily be cloned for relatively little and even provide some smaller parks a much needed new coaster. But as the chain has so far only invested in them for their bigger parks I am going to be assuming that trend continues.

Six Flags Over Georgia

This park already has an RMC, but it is likely to be outshone by another coaster in Georgia in the near future. A Jersey Devil scale raptor could be a great way to boost the profile of this park without spending an insane amount of money.

This is a moderate sized park that could certainly use the new coaster, but it isn't too small either that Six Flags might ignore it.

Six Flags New England

The Riddler Revenge Roller Coaster Station Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is a park that is due for a new roller coaster, and it may have recently lost a coaster in Goliath. The park is also largely full and landlocked, meaning there isn't a lot of room for a new coaster at this moderately sized Six Flags park. That makes a raptor, with its relatively small layout, the perfect choice for the park.

This is a park full of cloned coasters so I certainly could see the park getting a clone of either the original model or maybe of Jersey Devil if the park wants a more major coaster.

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America is one of the most visited Six Flags parks, and this could add a great mid tier coaster to the park. If Six Flags continues adding raptors to their major parks this would be the natural next choice after Great Adventure and Magic Mountain.