Human World Princess Ariel Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Princess Ariel Meets Guests at the Main Entrance of Disneyland

All of the Disney Princesses are some of the most popular characters currently found in the Disney Parks. One of the most popular princesses in the last few decades has been Princess Ariel.

Princess Ariel Character Disneyland Entrance Plaza

But she has a special place in the Disney Parks due to numerous different costumes that she has met guests in over the years. Today we are paying tribute to the various human costumes that Princess Ariel has appeared in during her various visits to the Disney Parks.

Prince Eric and Princess Ariel Christmas Parade Walt Disney World

Ariel typically meets in some kind of blue dress when she appears in the Disney Parks in her human form, although the dress has been updated over the years or been different based on where you found her in the Disney Parks.

Princess Ariel and Beast Characters Walt Disney World Parade

Originally she appeared in the parks in a sparkly light blue dress although in later years it has become more of a solid blue.

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric Castle Parade Float Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

She has commonly appeared in different parades over the years alongside the other princesses.

Princess Ariel and Princess Eric Christmas Parade Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

In addition to appearances alongside princesses, she has commonly appeared alongside her Prince Eric as well.

Ariel Hugs Prince Eric Voyage of The Little Mermaid Show Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Ariel has even appeared in her own show based on The Little Mermaid, Voyage of The Little Mermaid in Disney's Hollywood Studios where she appeared in both human and mermaid form.

Voyage of The Little Mermaid Ariel Becomes a Human Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Ariel is one of the most common characters found in the Disney Parks and is always a treat whenever you get a chance to see her.