Special Agent Oso Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Special Agent Oso Signing Autographs Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios has always been home to different preschool characters, which makes it a great place to see some television characters that end up being short-lived in the Disney Parks before disappearing forever. Today we are paying tribute to Special Agent Oso when he used to appear in Walt Disney World.

Special Agent Oso Character Hollywood and Vine Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Despite never appearing in Playhouse Disney Live On Stage/ Disney Junior Live On Stage, Special Agent Oso would be featured in the Hollywood and Vine character meal featuring the preschool characters.

Special Agent Oso was a special agent who would investigate children's crimes. He appeared throughout the duration of his show airing on TV and was a character that was beloved by many children.

Special Agent Oso Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

Since the run of his show ended, Oso has disappeared from the parks, and it seems unlikely he will ever return.