Storytellers Statue

Storytellers Statue Disney California Adventure

A staple of every Disney castle park is the Partners Statue, but along with the redesign of Disney California Adventure, it got its own dedicated Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue that would later be added to Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.

This statue is the Storytellers Statue.

Storytellers We're Just Getting Started Plaque Walt Disney

This statue is dedicated not to Walt Disney the successful creator of the Disney animation studio and Disney Parks, but the Walt Disney just arriving in California with all of his success and fame still ahead of him.

This fits well with the theme of Buena Vista Street that is supposed to represent the California Walt was first exposed to upon moving there.

Storytellers Statue Walt Disney Dedication Plaque

It was dedicated in 2012 to help transform the second park at the original Disney Resort and is still there to take photos with and represent the new direction of Disney California Adventure.