10 Fun Facts About Test Track at Epcot Walt Disney World

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Test Track Outside Section Epcot Ride Walt Disney World

Test Track at Walt Disney World is one of the best rides at Epcot, simulating what it is like to experience being on a test car.

In celebration of this ride, here are 10 fun facts and secrets about this modern hit Walt Disney World ride.

1. Speed

This is actually the fastest ride at Walt Disney World.

2. 2nd Version

Test Track Facade Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

This is actually the second version of Test Track at Epcot. The original version was sponsored by General Motors.

3. Chevrolet

Test Track Door To Outside Section Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

This ride is sponsored by the car brand Chevrolet.

4. Show Room

When you leave this ride, you exit through a showroom featuring current Chevrolet car models that get changed out on a consistent basis.

5. Build Your Own Car

Test Track First Hill Epcot Walt Disney World

In the queue line of this ride, you get the chance to design your own car that is used in the actual ride experience to compete with the Simcar.

6. OnStar

Test Track Scan Room Epcot Ride Walt Disney World

This ride features the use of various Chevrolet products, including their OnStar system.

7. World of Motion

World of Motion Logo Trash Can Test Track Epcot Walt Disney World

World of Motion was the ride that the original version of Test Track replaced, and to this day there are many logos from this attraction found throughout the ride. Recently, Test Track has even begun using this logo in an official capacity once again.

8. Backstage

Test Track Test Screen Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

This ride takes you into the backstage of Epcot during the final outside portion, with great views of the back half of many Epcot Pavilions in both Future World and the World Showcase.

9. Opening

Test Track Station Epcot Walt Disney World

The current version of this attraction opened up in 2012, replacing the original version of the attraction that had opened in 1999.

10. Ride System

Test Track Chevrolet Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

This ride uses the same ride system as the popular Radiator Springs Racers attraction at Disney California Adventure in the Disneyland Resort.