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Review: The Imagineering Story Episode 2


Welcome to our review of the second episode in Disney+'s original documentary series, The Imagineering Story.
While the first episode was more of a glowing take on the Walt years of the Disney Parks, this episode gets a little darker. It provides an honest take of what happened to Imagineering and the wider Disney company following Walt Disney's death, and how the company chose to move forward without him.
We first see them complete the preexisting projects that Walt had started but never finished. This takes us through projects like the Haunted Mansion and the opening of the Magic Kingdom, fully acknowledging the role Roy Disney had in making sure his brother's legacy was secure and his final ideas were realized to the best of his ability.
There is less rare footage in this part of the episode than in the premiere but it instead provides a nuanced take on the organized chaos following Walt Disney's death.
It then moves on to talk about the abandonment of Walt&…

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