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Onward Event Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms on March 12th?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms has been hinting at their next update which we believe will be based on Pixar's Onward and we just got our latest clue.
In the March rewards calendar, we see a mystery attraction token being given out on March 20th. We also see a Little Mermaid chest being given out on March 12th. When character chests are given out on a Thursday, it usually signals the start of an event.
What this points to, in connection with the dice clues we discussed before, is that an Onward event will be starting on March 12th, following an update likely on about March 10th.
So are you excited for the upcoming Disney Magic Kingdoms event? If you could add one character to the game who would it be? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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