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Time Racers: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 4

Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions

Welcome to the first look into Project Gemini. This will almost definitely become a part of future articles as well, but today we look at the proposed Spaceship Earth replacement, Time Racers. For a look at previous articles in this series please check here.
Project Gemini was a proposed massive retheme for Epcot's Future World in the 1990s. Most parts never ended up happening, but we did get a few interesting ride proposals as a result of this.
To briefly summarize, this plan would have involved retheming World into Dicoveryland, focusing more on Discovery as opposed to future technologies. It involved much more green space, as well as massive rethemes of the Land, Seas, and Spaceship Earth pavilions.

Today we are zeroing in on the replacement for Spaceship Earth. Time Racers would have been a time travel based roller coaster through the ball. It would have been mainly projection based, similar to the seasonal overlays of Disneyland's S…

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