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Kenai and Koda Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Disney films often find their way into the Disney Parks in the immediate aftermath of their initial release, but few find a permanent place for their characters to meet with guests.
Brother Bear was a highlight in a period defined by the decline of Disney animation, and the characters would find their way into the Disney Parks in meaningful ways.
Kenai ended up with an extended place at the Disneyland Resort at a character meal in the Grand Californian hotel just outside of Disney California Adventure. It was a perfect spot with its forest setting similar to the setting of the film.

Both bears, Kenai and Koda were also common at Disney's Animal Kingdom where they would often meet in both Discovery Island and Camp Minnie Mickey.

In recent years they have become rarer, but are still some of the most common at special events, and still make occasional appearances in the parks unannounced.
Have you ever gotten the chance to see Koda and Kenai at the Disney Parks? Be…

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