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Mickey Beignets

Mickey Beignets Disneyland Port Orleans French Quarter

Mickey Beignets have long been a staple of New Orleans Square at Disneyland. They bring a bit of Disney magic to a New Orleans classic.
These are Louisiana style donuts, found in the two Disney locations themed around the city of New Orleans. They are fluffy and covered in powdered sugar.
And, like so many popular foods at the Disney parks, they are shaped like the loveable Mickey Mouse.
In Disneyland, their original location, they are found at Cafe Orleans and the Mint Julep Bar. There is an outdoor patio right next door to both of the restaurants where you can enjoy them, and if you are lucky there might even be a fun seasonal flavor to try out. The Cafe Orleans ones are more hollow whereas the Mint Julep versions ar fuller and served in a bag, making them a great snack to walk around with (if you can handle the massive amounts of sugar).
At Disney World, they can be found at Port Orleans French Quarter at the Sassagoula Floatwork…

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