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Cove Bar

Cove Bar California Adventure

California Adventure opened with very few successful opening day attractions. In fact, less than 10 remain to this day. But one opening day attraction was a smash hit from day one.
That was the alcohol.
The parks ability to serve alcoholic drinks (something Disneyland had never done) made its bars extremely popular, and even infamous (depending on who you talk to).
The crown jewel of these was the Cove Bar.

Themed as a boardwalk bar from the turn of the century, this Paradise Pier bar often had waits longer than some of the rides in the park.

This bar was known for two things, its secret drink menu and the lobster nachos.

The lobster nachos were popular enough to outlast the bar and land they inhabited. They showed up on the menu for the Lamplight Lounge of the new Pixar Pier.

This bar and its replacement also provided a great side view of World of Color without nearly as many crowds.

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