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Professor Marvel's Gallery in Discovery Bay: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland Discovery Bay may never have been built, but many of its attractions later inspired rides that became beloved classics of the Disney Parks, and that was the case with the never-built Professor Marvel's Gallery attraction. Professor Marvel's Gallery was set to be a carousel theater attraction featuring two characters, Professor Marvel and his pet green dragon, and a series of fun inventions. He would have been the resident inventor of Discovery Bay, and his attraction was to be filled with many of the steampunk-inspired technology that would have brought Discovery Bay to life. This should familiar to some Disney films as the basic idea behind this attraction later developed into the characters Dreamfinder and Figment featured in the original version of Journey Into Imagination, with Figment becoming a purple dragon instead of a green one in the process. This attraction would even reutilize the carousel theater concept for its opening scene, now combined wi

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