What To Do With Your Phone On A Roller Coaster?

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Roller coasters are intense and popular rides. You typically have to wait around an hour if not more for most major roller coasters, and you are probably going to want your phone while you wait in line. But what do you do with it when you reach the actual ride?

Here is a basic list of tips on what to do, and what not to do with your phone when going on a roller coaster.

What To Do: Leave Your Phone At The Station

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Many roller coasters will have a place to put your phone, and even possibly a bag or other small items on the side of the ride station. If it does, leave it there. The ride operators are typically standing nearby, although it is not their responsibility to keep it from being stolen.

What Not To Do: Leave It In A Shallow Pocket

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If you have a shallow pocket that your phone either does not fully fit into or barely fits into then do not leave phone in it for a roller coaster. Even on a moderately intense roller coaster, there is a decent chance it will fall out and you will lose it, as most parks will not retrieve it for you that day, if at all.

What To Do: Leave It In A Locker

Many roller coasters will have lockers before the queue line, some even in the queue line. If this is an option, it is a great place to put your phone. It may be inconvenient, especially if the line is longer, but it is safe.

What Not To Do: Record The Ride


Seriously just don't.

There are a million amazing recordings of basically any ride in the world on YouTube. Also, most parks specifically ban recording on roller coasters, Disney is one of the few that actually allows the practice. On rides with more intensity, this can also be a dangerous endeavor, as if you lose control of the phone it can easily hit a person behind you or someone on the ground, potentially causing serious injury.

You also risk the ride being shut down, and you getting kicked out of the park. I personally witnessed someone having their phone confiscated on the lift hill of Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure and security escorting them out of the park after the ride.

If recording a ride is allowed (and once again, it isn't at most parks), don't use your phone. Use a strapped GoPro or at least a camera with a wrist strap. It is just too easy to drop your phone.

This just isn't worth whatever footage or internet clout you might get from it. It is dangerous and usually against the rules.

What To Do: Put It In A Safe Pocket

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What do I mean by a safe pocket?

I mean a pocket that is sufficiently deep, or ideally has a zipper or velcro. The goal is safety, and this is just the best way to do that.

What Not To Do: Fight A Ride Operator

Whatever policies a park has are not the fault of whoever is running the ride. Don't fight them on it and just follow whatever they ask you to do. They are just doing their job and do not get paid enough for you to cause extra problems for them.


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