Wendy Darling Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Peter Pan and Wendy Character Meet and Greet Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Peter Pan is one of the most iconic Disney movies of all time, and it has been a major part of the Disney Parks ever since the opening of Disneyland, with its characters making regular appearances throughout the parks. While today the most common characters to see are Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle, another iconic character has historically been a part of the parks.

Wendy through much of the early days of Walt Disney World until the early 2000s was a regular part of character appearances in the parks. Often appearing alongside Peter Pan himself, she was a common character that was one of the main characters from the film who would appear in the parks.

Wendy Darling in a Walt Disney World Parade

She was a regular feature of anything themed Peter Pan in the parks, from meet and greets, to events, to parades.

As Disney began to have more and more popular films, some characters from classic films started to disappear from the parks to make way for modern hit characters, limiting the number of characters making appearances from each film. Wendy would be the character from Peter Pan to be lowered in status.

Peter Pan in Wendy in the Magic Kingdom Parade Walt Disney World

While meet and greet appearances would be limited, Wendy would still be a regular character in parades, often alongside other Peter Pan characters.

To this day Wendy rarely meets with guests outside of special events. But she is still a regular part of Peter Pan parade segments alongside Peter Pan himself and Tinkerbelle.

Peter Pan Parade Float Festival of Fantasy Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

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