Lightning Rod Roller Coaster Dollywood Guide

Dollywood Guide

Lightning Rod Roller Coaster Launch and Final Drop RMC Dollywood

Opening Date: June 13th, 2016

Lightning Rod is one of the most popular roller coasters located at Dollywood amusement park. Originally built as a wooden coaster, and the first launched wooden roller coaster in the world, it is now a steel roller coaster after adjustments to the ride made in 2020.

Located in the Jukebox Junction section of the park, this terrain coaster features a 1950s style theme.


Designer/ Manufacturer: RMC

Ride Type: Wood (Originally) Steel (Current)

Inversions: 0

Important Rider Information

Height Requirement: 48 in

Thrill Rating 5/10

This ride is very intense with its launch and constant series of elements, but it should not be too extreme for most riders who are ok with speed.


Lightning Rod Roller Coaster Ride Entrance Dollywood

Lightning Rod RMC Roller Coaster Dollywood

Special Information

This ride has near constant mechanical issues. It is completely safe to ride, but it does feature a lot of downtime, so it may be closed during some or all of your visit to the park, or operating at a lower capacity leading to longer lines.