Old Folks at Home Magic Kingdom Dapper Dans

 Dapper Dans

One of the most iconic musical groups at Walt Disney World is the Dapper Dans. This acapella group is a longstanding part of the Magic Kingdom, performing multiple daily shows in and around Main Street USA.

During their performances, they sing a combination of Disney songs new and old, as well as classic songs that you might hear any barbershop quartet singing in a turn of the century town like Main Street USA is supposed to represent. These are some of the most unique parts of their performances, transporting you back in time to the idealized America that never was.

One of the many songs in their repertoire is the Old Folks at home, a classic American song that they perform wonderfully.

This song is a common part of their sets around the land and is amazing to either stop and listen to, or enjoy while wandering the land.

This specific performance took place just outside the Main Street USA Emporium, with the Dapper Dans in their fall outfits surrounded by the Halloween decorations that bunt all of the buildings of the land for the season.

The Dapper Dans are inherently a Disney musical group, but hearing them sing non-Disney songs can be just as special as hearing your favorite iconic movie songs, as it provides an experience that perfectly fits the surroundings of the Dapper Dans, and yet still holds that classic Disney charm that every inch of Walt Disney World exudes.

That is the wonderful thing about the Dapper Dans, anything they do is filled with classic Disney magic with their iconic musical stylings.

What is your favorite non-Disney song that you have seen performed by the Dapper Dans in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!