5 Fun Facts About Twister Wooden Roller Coaster at Knoebels

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Twister Roller Coaster Helix Knoebels

Twister is the largest wooden roller coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort, and it has an interesting history.

Here are five fun facts about this interesting wooden roller coaster at Knoebels.

1. Lift Hill

This roller coaster features a unique lift hill design, split up into two sections by a turn.

2. Mister Twister

The layout and design of this roller coaster are based on the classic Mister Twister roller coaster from the original Elitch Gardens.

3. Bolt

A bolt was saved from the original Mister Twister roller coaster and used in this ride, tying the two attractions together.

4. Trains

This coaster features two roller coaster trains, one blue and one purple.

5. New

This is the newest traditional wooden roller coaster in the park.