What Should Replace Goliath At Six Flags New England?

Six Flags New England

Last year, Goliath closed at Six Flags New England, and the park is currently demolishing the ride. This is going to leave a sizable hole in the park, and while this spot is not huge, it is quite big.

So what will Six Flags New England put here?

There are currently not a lot of major rumors with any credibility surrounding Six Flags New England's next coaster, so these are mostly just thoughts based on what the park, has and what it and the region could really use, alongside the types of rides Six Flags is adding chainwide at the moment.

First, what does Six Flags New England already have?

Thunderbolt Wooden Roller Coaster At Night Six Flags New England

They have a wooden roller coaster, two kiddie coasters, an RMC hybrid coaster, a hyper coaster, an inverted coaster, a floorless roller coaster, as well as a free spin and a boomerang roller coaster, Flashback, although some rumors have stated that this could be removed for whatever is coming next as well. Flashback is located right next to Goliath and it would be relatively easy to remove it as well. It is an old ride that has operated at two different amusement parks before coming to Six Flags New England.

Overall they've got a pretty good lineup of coasters, but there are still some gaps. The biggest gap is really a launched roller coaster which they don't have. In all of New England, there is only one launch coaster,  Phobia Phear Coaster at Lake Compounce, which this also eliminates a major choice for what Six Flags could build here, as it is unlikely they would want to build a clone of this roller coaster, when there is another one so close by.

There are certainly many other types of launch coasters that could be located here, and if it was creatively designed around pathways, or if pathways were reworked, then a coaster could certainly be fit in here.

Another option that could be added to Six Flags New England is an RMC raptor. This is a model of roller coaster that is growing in popularity, and Six Flags has been adding a lot of them to their parks in recent years. Six Flags typically adds a lot of similar roller coasters at the same time. If they add a ride to one park, chances are they purchased two or three or more of the model that will be added to various Six Flags parks throughout the chain. The RMC raptors that are currently existing in the Six Flags parks do seem to have been received well, and there is another one coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain next year. Six Flags New England could be one of the next parks that add one of this roller coaster type.

Now, what about a timeline for when this potential new roller coaster could be built. This coaster will not be coming in 2022. It is far too late, even if construction started immediately it would not be built in time to open.

So then what about 2023? This is a possible year for this coaster built, but there is also a chance the park decides to expand elsewhere this year. It has been years since the last major water park expansion, so that might be a more pressing need in the immediate future.

There is a decent chance the coaster does not get built until 2024. It is worth considering the ongoing impacts of the pandemic that are still being felt across the Six Flags chain. They really are only building coasters that were paid for before the pandemic, and in their major parks which is probably going to hurt Six Flags New England in terms of additions for the next few years. But regardless of what year, there is probably a new coaster coming to Six Flags New England sometime in the foreseeable future.

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