Chef Pluto at Chef Mickey's Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Pluto The Dog in a Chef Outfit at Chef Mickey's Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey's has been for an extended period of time, one of if not the most popular Disney character meals in all of Walt Disney World. Historically featuring buffet style food and some of the most popular Mickey and Friends characters, it is an iconic part of a trip to Disney for many families. Located in the Contemporary Resort just outside the Magic Kingdom and on the Monorail line, it is easy to reach and incredibly popular.

All of the characters in this location wear special unique outfits, one one of the best unique outfits at Chef Mickey's is Pluto's costume.

Pluto typically appears the same where ever he is in the Disney Parks, unlike other Disney characters who receive special costumes based on their locations, so seeing him in a special outfit is a rarity that makes a visit to Chef Mickey's even more special.

Chef Pluto Character at Chef Mickey's Disney's Contemporary Resort Walt Disney World

Dressed like a chef, with a special hat in addition to his normal outfit, this is a look that you can only see on Pluto in this spot in Walt Disney World.

Chef Mickey's is a special location, and the special costumes the characters appear in at this restaurant is just another reason to visit this iconic Walt Disney World food location during your next visit to the resort.

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