Ranking The Coasters of Knoebels Amusement Resort

Coaster Round-Up

Knoebels Entrance Sign Amusement Park

Knoebels is the largest free-admission amusement park located in the US, and it is home to multiple world-class roller coasters.

So here is a ranking of all of the roller coasters at Knoebels. It does not include Black Diamond and Flying Turns as they were closed during the 2021 season.

4. Kozmo's Kurves

This is the park's kiddie coaster and it fills its role incredibly well. But as a kiddie coaster, it is really nothing special.

3. Twister

Twister Wooden Roller Coaster Knoebels

Twister is the bigger of the park's two wooden coasters and the newer of the two coasters. But despite its age, it is significantly rougher than the other traditional wooden coaster that will be found later on this list.

With a layout based on another classic wooden coaster, this ride was fit into a small amount of land with somewhat of a strange layout, including a lift hill separated in the middle by a turn, and a massive double helix around the station. But its roughness makes these elements difficult to enjoy, despite having a fun layout. I can't imagine riding this more than once a trip, which is something I can't say of the other roller coasters in Knoebels.

2. Impulse

Impulse Roller Coaster Knoebels Amusement Park

Impulse is the newest roller coaster at Knoebels, and it is the only one with inversions. This steel roller coaster starts with a vertical lift hill before continuing into a series of four inversions connected by turns all one after another, before a final helix into the final brakes.

The ride is the most intense ride at the park, and it is an incredibly smooth experience as the only full-scale steel coaster in the park. It is a great coaster with strong inversions that is a great part of any day at the park.

1. Phoenix

Phoenix is a roller coaster that has twice won the Golden Ticket for best wooden coaster, and that is for good reason. Featuring incredibly light restraints, this coaster features unrestrained and intense airtime, unlike basically anything that currently exists.

This coaster's layout is amazing and features an insane level of airtime that begins almost immediately and does not end until the final brakes. Its story also adds to its intrigue, having been saved from a closing amusement park and rebuilt in Knoebels without a blueprint. This is certainly one of the best coasters in the world, and coaster fans should be thankful that it was saved so it can still be experienced today.