5 Worst Amusement Park Layouts

Balloon Race Ride at Knoebels Amusement Park

Theme park layouts are not something appricated by many, but they make a massive impact on your experience at a park. They are not noticed when they are good, but incredibly apparent when there is a problem with them.

So here are five of the worst theme park and amusement park layouts.

5. Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Disney theme parks are usually perfectly designed and spacious to hold the massive crowds that they receive. The one exception to this is really Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. The park is the smallest at Walt Disney World, and it has a lot of problems that cause pinch points and crowding. Most significantly, the dead-end near Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror becomes crowded on most days, especially before and after Fantasmic.

Without an easy way to navigate the park, and with only one way to and from most major locations, the park is difficult to get around.

4. Legoland New York

Chinese Theater Model Miniland Legoland New York

Legoland features what may appear at first glance to be an easy-to-navigate circular layout. But the hillside the park is found on makes it incredibly hard to get from the top half of the park to the bottom. With no transportation method around the park, this means that to get from one half of the park to another you have to climb a series of winding staircases and pathways.

There is also only two ways to get between the sections of hte park, meaning that the park's circular layout can require a lot of walking if you do not simply travel in a circle throughout your day.

3. Quassy

The layout of the main amusement park is quite confusing. It is located on a hillside, and is mainly a collection of rides randomly build around the few buildings that exist in the park. Quassy also has a sizable picnic/events pavilion that is almost entirely cut off from the rest of the park by the park's Wooden Warrior roller coaster and railroad. The one major advantage of the park is that it is small, making navigation somewhat easier, but there is no logic to the park's layout at all.

2. Hersheypark

Hershey's Chocolatetown Sign at Hersheypark Entrance Plaza

The layout of Hersheypark is nor only confusing, but it also creates a lot of crowding issues. For one, the park is located on incredibly hilly terrain, which makes getting from land to land difficult. But this is far from the only issue with the park's layout.

The curved enterance typically creates crowding issues at several pinchpoints while entering the park, ontop of creating insanely long lines for the only major ride at the enterance, Candymonium, at the park opening.

But the main problem is the waterpark. It is located in the center of the park, which makes navigating around it difficult, cutting off several major rides, and increasing crowding in the surounding area.

Hersheypark is an amazing amusement park, but it is incredibly difficult to get around for a variety of small reasons.

1. Knoebels

Knoebels Sign In Front of Phoenix Wooden Roller Coaster

Knoebels is one of the biggest free admission parks in the US, but its layout is incredibly confusing. There is no logic to it whatsoever, nor significant signage to help you navigate the park, and there are significant areas in the middle of the park that are off limits and not well marked.

For a first time visitor, it can be near impossible to get around the park. The park is wooded and sparwling, making it difficult to know where you are without a map, and with waterways dividing the park and requiring a lot of bridges to be built throughout the park, various areas of the park look incredibly similar to each other. Even the major rides cannot be seen from most areas of the park.

Knoebels has many amazing rides, but it is almost imposible to find your way around the park without either already being familiar with it, or having a map on you at all times.

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