Disney KiteTails Disney's Animal Kingdom Guide

Disney's Animal Kingdom Guide

Disney KiteTails Kites In Storage Before The Show Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opening Date: October 1st, 2021

Disney KiteTails is a show running at the Discovery River Theater (former home of Rivers of Light) every day featuring various puppets and live performers of famous characters from Walt Disney World. This is the first daytime show to run in this location and it quickly grew in popularity online after various Disney fan accounts began publicizing the show in a humorous way.

This show opened to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World as a major part of the entertainment offerings at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Thrill Rating 2/10

This is a low intensity show perfect for guests of all ages. It is a slow style show focused mainly on visuals as opposed to story.


Disney KiteTails Concept Art Disney's Animal Kingdom

Special Information

This various kites that are a part of this production are meant to crash after their time in the performance is done. If you sit next to the empty section of seats to the right of the theater then you can get a front view of the crashing puppets.

The puppets also have a history of accidentally crashing in the water so do not be shocked if that happens during your show as well.