Prediction: What Parks Will Get a New Roller Coaster In 2023

Dorney Park Entrance During Grand Carnivale

As a new year begins, it is time to look forward to the roller coasters that could be developed this year with the intention to open in 2023. Roller coasters planned for that year will almost certainly begin to be announced in the next few months, so what parks could get new roller coasters in the coming year.

Here is a shortlist of some theme parks that could foreseeably get new roller coasters in 2023 based on current rumors. None of these rides has been confirmed as of the publishing of this article, and it is merely based on leaked information and public speculation.

Six Flags New England

Superman The Ride Roller Coaster Blue Train Going Down Hill Into Tunnel Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is in the process of losing one of their roller coasters, the Goliath giant inverted boomerang roller coaster. Combined with some of the surrounding area which has not really been utilized this entire year, that should be filled in with something.

Combine this with rumors that this park was due for a new coaster from before the pandemic and if Six Flags is still investing in new coasters, this park is one that makes a lot of sense.

Dorney Park

Thunderhawk Wooden Roller Coaster Yellow Train Going Up Hill Dorney Park Amusement Park

Dorney Park was highly rumored to be getting a new roller coaster for the 2020 season before the COVID19 pandemic caused those plans to never be announced even after some development had started. This coaster was set to be a shuttle wooden roller coaster, and it could potentially still make a reappearance. Parks typically pay for new rides years in advance, so if it was already paid for, the ride may still have only been delayed, not canceled entirely. If this is the case, the ride would almost definitely be built in 2022.

Knott's Berry Farm

Sally Riding a Bike Peanuts Stage Show Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is the most visited amusement park in the Cedar Fair chain and one of the best parks in southern California. It is also due for a new roller coaster. Rumors constantly spiral of a new coaster for the park, and 2023 could easily be the year, especially with growing rumors, and even leaked plans for a giga coaster being built in the park's parking lot. The park has gone several years without a thrilling addition, and given the park just celebrated its 100th anniversary, a delayed coaster originally planned for that time period but put off due to the pandemic is certainly a possibility.

Cedar Point

Speculation on the next Cedar Point roller coaster has been growing since the closure announcement for Wicked Twister. With a redevelopment of that entire section of the park likely in the coming year, 2023 could easily be the year that we see the end result of this development, almost certainly involving a new roller coaster. As to what this could be, it will just take a little more time before rumors on that begin to develop.

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