5 Fun Facts About Sesame Place Amusement Park in Langhorne Pennsylvania

Sesame Place Stage Show Amusement Park Pennsylvania

Sesame Place is an amusement park located in Langhorne Pennsylvania themed based on the iconic children's series Sesame Street.

Here are five fun facts about classic children's amusement park.

1. Coasters

Vapor Trail Roller Coaster Sesame Place Amusement Park

This park features two coasters at the moment themed to Sesame Street characters.

2. Autism

Sesame Place Amusement Park Pennsylvania

This park was the first theme park to ever become a Certified Autism Center, meaning the park is able to better cater to autistic guests and their needs.

3. SeaWorld

This park is owned and operated by the SeaWorld chain.

4. Shows

This park features various stage shows and parades featuring the iconic characters from the children's show the park is based on.

5. Second Park

There is a second Seasame Place park currently planned to open in 2022 in San Diego alongside the nearby SeaWorld park.