Judy Hopps Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Judy Hopps Character Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Judy Hopps is the main character of Zootopia, and she was one of two characters from the movie to make appearances as a meet and greet character in the Disney Parks, alongside her partner on the Zootopia police force Nick Wilde.

After her initial appearances to promote her film, she received a permanent spot to meet guests at the Disneyland Resort. She would meet her fans in a Zootopia themed meet and greet located in Disney California Adventure, in the walkway between Paradise Pier and Grizzly Peak, alongside one of the shops and across from the entrance to Journey of The Little Mermaid.

This would give Zootopia a permanent place in the Disney Parks, even if the location was not a perfect fit for the characters.

Kid Meeting Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Zootopia Characters in Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This was a popular character location that unfortunately did not return in any form when the Disneyland Resort reopened from the COVID19 pandemic. Today it is difficult to find any characters from Zootopia in the Disney Parks.

Hopefully, Judy and other characters from this film will return to the Disney Parks someday soon in some form.

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