Top 5 Lake Compounce Roller Coasters

Phobia Phear Coaster Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce is a small family amusement park in Connecticut featuring a variety of thrill rides, family attractions, and roller coasters. Today we are ranking the coasters of the park to give you a look at the top 5 roller coasters at the park from worst to best.

5. Kiddie Coaster

This is a family coaster meant for little children. It is fine for what it is, but only small children are even allowed to ride it, meaning it ends up at the bottom of the list. It is surrounded by other kiddie rides and given the intensity of the other coasters at the park, it is good for there to be something for younger children to ride.

4. Zoomerang

This ride is the same boomerang coaster found in countless parks around the world. It is simple, packs a few thrills, but is nothing remarkable. It is notable for a color-changing ride vehicle and being the ride with the most inversions at the park. It also is the only roller coaster at the park to go backwards, as it goes through the track layout twice, once forwards and once backwards. It isn't the smoothest ride but far from the roughest version of the same model of coaster, you will find out there. But it is far from unique and out shadowed by the parks unique and more modern coasters.

3. Wildcat

Wildcat Lake Compounce Entrance Lake Compounce 2020

This is a historic attraction, being one of the oldest currently operating roller coasters. Unfortunately, it is really showing its age. Even with retracking work as recently as 2018, it is still an incredibly rough ride. It is not even rough in the fun way a wooden roller coaster can be but in a way that is just painful. This could be a great coaster, but it is too rough to enjoy. Compared to the other wooden coaster at the park, this is an embarrassment, and it is understandable that this was the only major ride to not reopen amid the COVID19 pandemic. It still serves as an impressive icon for the park.

2. Phobia Phear Coaster

This ride is the newest major addition at the park and it was well worth the investment. Being a Sky Rocket 2, one of the most popular coaster models currently available and being built at much larger parks like Busch Gardens this coaster almost feels out of place at Lake Compounce. It is modern, smooth, and fits an enormous amount of thrill into its small area. While it did mess up the layout of the park, adding a dead end in what had previously been a loop, it was certainly a worthwhile addition. It towers (literally) over the rest of the park and draws you to it. This upped the profile of the park by adding a second steel coaster and a far superior one at that.

1. Boulder Dash

This park is known for two things. Being the oldest continuously operating amusement park, and Boulder Dash. This coaster was once considered the best wooden roller coaster in the world and still consistently ranks among the best in the world to this day. It makes perfect use of its mountain surroundings and is remarkably smooth for a wooden coaster, with the exception of the ending, which still remains rough even after having the final elements replaced. This coaster alone makes a visit to the park worthwhile. Its layout throughout a tree-filled hill makes the ride feel claustrophobic in a good way, with it feeling like you might hit branches with each hill and making the already fast speed of the attraction feel more intense.

What is your favorite coaster at Lake Compounce? Let us know in the comments below!