Crossroads USA: Never Built Disney's America Part 3

Crossroads USA Disney's America Never Built Disney Theme Park

Disney's America was set to be a Disney Park like no other before political pressure led it to be permanently shelved. These differences would have been immediately evident from the moment you entered the park.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America, a series here at TPE where we take you through the history, lands, rides, and attractions of the canceled patriotic Disney theme park planned for Virginia. Today we are starting our tour through the park's lands and attractions with a look at Crossroads USA, the entrance land of the park.

Disney's America would have been defined by lands taking place in all regions of US history. The first you would have uncovered entering the park was Crossroads USA.

This land would have taken place in the time immediately before the Civil War, and featured a growing city with the latest transportation methods available.

Above would have been a train that would have transported you throughout the park and the rest of the resort.

Canals traveling through the land would have featured a variety of water based transportation systems.

Mediterranean Harbor Tokyo DisneySea App Night

Overall this land sounds incredibly similar to the Mediterranean Harbor in Tokyo DisneySea.

Similar to that land it would also feature a number of canals, and a hotel that bridged the gap between being located both inside and outside of the park. Instead of being a strict entrance, the hotel would blur the line of the park and the outside world.

This land would not feature any major attractions beyond the transportation based ones we've already mentioned, but instead, serve as a Main Street USA like land of shops and restaurants, but with significantly more emphasis on transportation.

This was an interesting approach to the entrance, not based on what many consider a major time period in American history, but instead on one of transition. Between the founding of the country and the creation of much of the modern USA in the wake of the Civil War.

It would be nice to see a hotel actually in a Disney theme park in the US, and this proposal would have done that on the way into a land never before seen in Disney Parks.

Thanks for exploring Crossroads USA with us and be sure to come back next week as we explore Native America. Be sure to check out the entire series so far here.