Civil War Fort: Never Built Disney's America Part 6

Disney's America Civil War Land Concept Art

Disney's America was dedicated to the uniting parts of American history, but one land, in particular, would signify the struggles that almost tore the country apart.

Today in Never Built Disney's America we are exploring the Civil War-themed land planned for Disney's America. Be sure to check out the rest of the series so far here and keep coming back as we take you through the entire park every week.

This land was deeply connected to the actual history of the region the park was placed in, and it recognized that. In this land, on top of the attractions, shops, and restaurants that are found in every land, there would also be a battlefield where reenactments of battles would be staged on a grand scale befitting a Disney Park.

The majority of the land would take place in a single building, a recreation of a traditional fort that would overlook the central lagoon of the park, surrounded by battleships.

Inside the building would be the main attraction of the land, a circle vision theater that would show a film about the American Civil War, making you feel as if you were at the center of some of its iconic battles. Disney had made several great circle vision films about America in the past, so this would have been another in a line of great American circle vision films, at a time when Disney was getting close to retiring the genre of attraction at several of its preexisting parks.

Disney's America Concept Art

This land also would have been home to the battleships that would take part in the shows nighttime spectacular. It would be an explosive battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack, two state of the art ships from the period.

Disney has struggled with incorporating the Civil War in the parks, with Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln updating their approach to the period multiple times throughout its own history, so it is unknown how this specific approach would have been received, or how it would have been updated over the years.

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