Frozen On Broadway Hygge Branch Prop Disney On Broadway

Disney Frozen Broadway Musical Hygge Branch Prop

Frozen On Broadway became one of the most significant Broadway musical casualties of the coronavirus, with it being announced that the musical would never reopen following the closure of all Broadway shows due to COVID19.

In tribute to this show, we are giving a look at a stage used prop from this production.

This branch was used in the Hygge scene which featured some scantily clad dancers coming out of a sauna with leaves covering them to join in a brilliant act two opening number led by Oaken that was really one of the highlights of the original numbers added for the Broadway version of the modern Disney classic Frozen.

These branches were sold for charity at the Broadway flea market, making it a great way to take a bit of the show home with you.

This show, while not Disney's best Broadway musical, it was a fun family musical that captured a lot of the magic of the film it was based on with some original moments.

It is a shame this musicals run was cut short but we are happy to share a look at a little piece of it with you in a world without live theater.

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