President's Square: Never Built Disney's America Part 5

George Washington Painting Hall of Presidents Lobby Disney World

Disney's America would have been an almost entirely original park, with very little taken from other Disney Parks. The one real exception to this would have been President's Square.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America where we take you through the history and attractions of the never-built Disney patriotic theme park. Be sure to check out the rest of the series here. Today we are talking about the President's Square land.

Each land in this park was set in a different era of time throughout American history. President's Square was meant to be a journey to the country on its road to revolution, in the time before, during, and immediately following the American Revolution.

This land was planned to have one major attraction, the only attraction at the park taken from another Disney Park, The Hall of Presidents.

This attraction dates back to Walt Disney himself and features a short film look at American history followed by an animatronic show featuring all the presidents from revolution to the present day. It is unknown if this would have been identical to the existing show or if it would have been identical to the existing Magic Kingdom show or if it was going to be a slightly changed version for the new park and setting.

Overall this land was going to be similar to Liberty Square, approaching the same time frame but in a more idealized fashion.

This land would never get built and it would never go on to inspire any future Disney attractions. Its one attraction remains open at the Magic Kingdom to this day, giving something for us to look at what this land, and this park, might have been if it had been built.

Thank for reading and be sure to check out the rest of this series here. Also, be sure to come back next week as we explore the planned Civil War Fort land for Disney's America.