Psycho House at Universal Orlando

Psycho Mansion Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida began its life trying to emulate the success of Universal Studios Hollywood as a theme park located alongside its own active film studio, but faltered a bit early on in its history due to its lack of an extensive history of classic and popular movies that had actually filmed at the park throughout the years.

For our final tribute to Halloween and horror at the Universal parks outside of Halloween Horror Nights

One of the most iconic films to be made at Universal Hollywood was the original Psycho, with its motel and mansion becoming two of the most iconic film sets on the studio tour for decades, still being a hit on the tour to this day.

Universal Florida wanted to immediately emulate this success by creating replicas of film sets, including those from the iconic horror film Psycho, most notably the motel and mansion. The problem was, without them being the originals they lost a lot of their appeal. They were still impressive to look at, but lost the lasting appeal of visiting the actual film set.

A Day At The Park With Barney and Friends Show Universal Studios Florida

These were all eventually torn down to make way for the Curious George play area and A Day At The Park With Barney.
Psycho Bates Motel Set Universal Hollywood
The original set still remains in Universal Hollywood, also joined by the actual motel.