Tribute to Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 49

Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions

Never Built Japan Attraction Epcot Disney World

For the last forty-eight articles we have taken you through the various never built rides, lands, attractions, and more that were planned but never made it to Epcot Center, allowing you to experience these attractions by imagining what they might have been if circumstances were different and they had gotten built.

Epcot has gone through so many stages that a vast number of rides were discarded over the years to bring us the park that we have now. But that does not negate what these attractions would have been, nor the work that went into them.

Spaceship Earth Epcot Disney World

For the vast number of attractions we discussed during this series, the quality of the attraction was not the reason for the actual cancelation of the attraction. Budgets, sponsorships, technology, and spacial constraints killed the majority of the attractions we explored with you over the years.

So many of these rides would have become classic Disney rides with dedicated fanbases had they actually been given a chance, and who knows how they may have permanently changed the history of the park.

Many of these never built Disney attractions would also be the stepping stones to future classics of the Disney Parks. Without the abandoned movie pavilion we wouldn't have had Disney MGM Studios and the Great Movie Ride. Without losing the original Land Pavilion concept we would have never gotten to meet Dreamfinder and Figment. Attractions being abandoned is sometimes necessary on the road to something better.

Dinosaur Eating Universe of Energy Epcot Disney World

We look back to these attractions in tribute to the people who worked tirelessly to create them. Every ride, built or unbuilt, requires countless hours of work from numerous people, that often goes unrecognized when the attraction never comes to fruition.

Gran Fiesta Tour Mexico Pavilion Epcot Disney World

But no idea ever really dies forever at Disney, and the majority of these attractions went on to at least in part inspire something in the future.

Epcot Entrance Concept Art 2019

In the current world, many future attractions, both announced and unannounced are in uncertain positions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the Disney Parks. Notably, the entire Epcot redevelopment is in limbo at the moment, potentially meaning Epcot is about to get a whole new collection of canceled attractions. Should that happen we shall revisit this series once again to pay tribute to them.

In the meantime please enjoy our fifty article tribute to the never build attractions of Epcot at Walt Disney World here.

Be sure to come back for the final entry of this series next week where we explore, Walt Disney's original concept for Epcot.

Also, come back the next week when we start an all-new series exploring the never-built attractions of Disney's Hollywood Studios.