Seasons of Love Performed By The Rent 25th Anniversary Cast


Prior to the COVID19 Pandemic, there was a touring cast of the classic Johnathan Larson musical Rent traveling the country to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic rock opera.

To help promote it they would often do performances of classic numbers from the show most often Seasons of Love, the song that had attained a level of success beyond the show itself as a standard of pop culture.

The full cast of the show performed with only a guitar in a hall with wonderful acoustics that caused their voices to echo on the higher notes of the classic song. This was the 2019 cast in March performing on the Connecticut leg of the tour.

Rent 25th Anniversary Tour Musical

This production was practically a recreation of the original Broadway show, utilizing a recreation of the original set and costumes, and was about as close as you could get to see a live production of the Broadway version of the show.

The production was, like so many, cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, with no sign of returning any time soon. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of a production replicating the original version of Rent that has become one of the most iconic Broadway shows of all time.