Disney American Reimagined: Never Built Disney's America Part 16

Never Built Disney's America 

When Disney's America came under threat of cancelation, Disney desperately tried to save the park, and the investment tied to it, in any way they could, and rumors suggested that Disney tried reimagining the park in a last attempt to still get it built.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series Never Built Disney's America here and follow us on Twitter. This week we are following rumors of how Disney's America was altered to attempt to save the park before its eventual cancelation.

Following overwhelming negative public reception to the park, Disney knew things had to change if the park was still going to get built. They decided to reimagine its initial approach in a way that both incorporated more Disney while still giving respect to the history that made the country the park was based on.

The park was set to include many of the same elements of the original plan, in a more educational manner, but would also replace a few things. For one, the family farm would make way for a more scientific approach to the same topic.

Also, corporations would be invited to bring their own attractions to the park. The 1990s, when this park was being planned was the last time that Disney really attempted to use sponsors, and this would have been translated into the reimagined approach to Disney's America.

As for injecting Disney into the parks, reportedly there would be a collection of stage shows featuring Disney characters throughout the parks, notably including an elaborate show featuring characters from The Muppets.

This reimagined park would also take a stronger focus on food, allowing for a look at the rich cultural heritage that makes up the United States as a melting pot, through the international collection of foods that make up the palate of America.

This reimagined version of the park, like the original, would never be built. It was reportedly developed amid the controversy that killed the project, so it never even really had a chance. While some ideas from the initial plan would make it to other Disney Parks, this plan essentially ended with the Disney abandonment of a plan for a Disney Park in Virginia.

While this second version of the park would never be built, it was not the last version of Disney's America that would be designed.

Join us next week when we explore a plan Disney had for reimagining Knotts Berry Farm into a version of Disney's America. But now be sure to check out the rest of the series so far here.