Penne Pasta With Marinara Review Plaza Inn Disneyland

Penne Pasta With Marinara Plaza Inn Disneyland

The Plaza Inn is one of the best spots to eat at Disneyland during any meal, from its wonderful character breakfast in the mornings to equally great offerings when it switches from a buffet to a counter service restaurant for lunch and dinner.

There is a wide variety of great offerings at Disneyland's Plaza Inn, but today we are going to be reviewing the penne pasta.

Pasta is not a common offering at the Disney Parks, and it a nice change at a relatively casual restaurant in Disneyland. It is served with marinara, topped with some parmesan cheese, and served with a breadstick.

The pasta is nicely cooked without much strong flavoring. The marinara sauce does have a nice flavor without being overpowering. The entire meal is a little bland, but it is nice to see Disney offering something other than the typical burgers and fries at counter service meals.

While it is far from the best pasta you will ever have in your life, it is about what you would expect in a theme park and better than some previous attempts Disney has had at recreating Italian food in their theme parks.

The breadstick is well seasoned and a nice accompaniment to the meal.

If you are looking for great pasta at the Disneyland Resort, go to Wine Country Trattoria in Disney California Adventure. But if you are looking to eat at the Plaza Inn, then this is a fine option, but potentially consider some of the better meals at this location, notably the fried chicken.

The Disneyland Resort has so many great places to eat, and the Plaza Inn is only one of them on Main Street USA.