Rumors: What Ride Will Be Removed From Six Flags New England

Six Flags

Six Flags New England Entrance Topiary

Six Flags recently announced it would be closing fifteen different rides across its parks in the next year in response to the COVID19 Pandemic. Considering they currently have fifteen parks, it looks like each park will lose a ride, so today we are looking at what ride this might be in Six Flags New England.

Six Flags has stated they intend on closing rides with low capacities and rides that cost more money than they are worth to operate and maintain. For many parks, this will mean older flat ride systems, but Six Flags New England has largely gotten rid of older flat rides in recent years, replacing them with updated models.

There is one ride in Six Flags New England with a long history of maintenance problems, some of them requiring expensive fixes.

Goliath Lift Hills at Sunset Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Goliath has never been very popular at Six Flags New England. Frequent issues have plagued this ride since it was relocated here from Magic Mountain and it is frequently described as a painful and unpleasant experience due to the new trains it received when it was relocated.

Six Flags New England Main Street

Several high profile instances have caused extended downtime, and reportedly expensive fixes, all for an unpopular ride that is frequently down even when there are not significant issues with it.

Shipwreck Falls Drop Six Flags New England

This ride replaced Shipwreck Falls at the park in 2012 and is located right next to a different style of boomerang coaster.

Goliath Coaster Six Flags New England

There are certainly other contenders for what ride could be removed. The Looney Tunes section of the park contains several rides that wouldn't be missed, and Blizzard River might be more expensive to opperate than its worth, but I would place my bet on Goliath being the ride to remove. It would open up a relatively large space for expansion that could be utilized in the near future, and remove a ride that not many visitors will miss.