Disney Magic Kingdoms Halloween 2020 Update Revealed: NEW LAND, Nightmare Before Christmas Content, and More

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Halloween 2020 Load Screen Lock Shock and Barrel

We have just discovered everything that is going to be added in the upcoming Disney Magic Kingdoms Halloween update, including the Nightmare Before Christmas characters Lock, Shock, and Barrel in a cascading critters event, and new land.

The update will be released next Tuesday, October 6th, and the Halloween event will begin on Thursday, October 23rd until November 1st.

We are going to take you through everything we know is being added in the game, from new attractions, characters, land, concessions stands, and more, before going through a few changes to game features also coming in this update, as well as hints at what is next after the Halloween update.


Lock (Premium)



The Bride (RETURNS!)


Oogie Boogie Spin


Haunted Mansion Ears Headband Stand (Leaderboard Rewards/ Saphire Chest)

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Masks Stand

New Land

Two new sections of land are being added in the bottom section of the Frontierland area of the game. The game also confirmed that even more land is coming prior to the end of the year.

Parade Floats

The Nightmare Before Christmas float and the Alice In Wonderland float are permanently going to be inside the parade tent, not in the chests for the character set.

Cascading Critters Event

This challenge involves three different tiered events happening at the same time.

A spooky spiders tier will be the first challenge, that has the final reward of Barrel.

The second tier of the event is a spooky trees event with the goal of helping you on the third tier.

The final tier is a shadow monsters and the final reward of Shock, who is the final reward of the event.

Each tier helps you with the later tiers, to encourage you to complete all of them at the same time.

Wacky Lunch Chest

This will be a tapper challenge starting October 8th using Alice in Wonderland characters to try to get the Haunted Mansion Headband Stand.


The game will temporarily get Halloween decorations spread throughout the entire kingdom, with the trees changing colors and Jack O Lanterns placed everywhere.

The Bride from the Haunted Mansion is coming back, once again exclusively in Saphire Chests alongside the Disney Villains and the Haunted Mansion Ears Concession Stand.

In a major new feature, your kingdom is now going to be limited to a maximum of 75 characters at a time. This was done apparently to allow them to add new land, although this might make it a bit more difficult to manage your kingdom. You will be able to welcome new characters at the limit, but you are required to send more home to get back down to the limit before you are allowed to send characters on missions.

Next Event

We know that the next update is going to be a mini update, which they hinted at being "cooked up" by the team, potentially meaning a Ratatouille update although we will have to wait for more information to know for sure.