The History of Coca Cola at Walt Disney World

Disney Parks History

Frozen Coke Banner Club Cool Epcot Disney World

When you visit the Disney Parks anywhere in the world except Shanghai, you will find exclusively Coke products in every restaurant, hotel, and shop. But Coca Cola has a relatively short history in Walt Disney World with a few cool moments throughout its life.

Starting in 1990, Disney would enter into an exclusive deal with Coca Cola in all of their parks worldwide, ending their relationship with Pepsi that had existed since the opening of Disneyland in 1955. It brought Coke and only Coke to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the then newly opened Euro Disneyland.

This would start a relationship that would exist to this day.

Coca Cola would even open a hybrid between a shop and attraction in Epcot in 1998. Ice Station Cool would open in Epcot's Future World as a Disney inspired version of their World of Coca Cola museum featuring an entrance of elaborate ice caves. On the inside, you could try for free a variety of sodas from around the world.

Club Cool Entrance Sign Epcot Disney World

This store would later be remodeled into Club Cool in 2005 when the Coca Cola deal was extended. This store would take on a more futuristic look, removing the ice cave entrance.

Beverly Soda Italy Epcot Walt Disney World

It would continue to follow the same basic idea, sharing sodas, made by Coca Cola, from around the world. One of these, the Beverly, would attain iconic status in the park, because of how bad it was, with its extremely bitter taste.

Club Cool Flavors Around the World Epcot Walt Disney World

It ended up actually being served in Club Cool after being discontinued in its home country of Italy. When flavors were swapped out in 2013, this was one of the few that survived the change.

A similar store would also open in Disney Springs in 2016.

Coca Cola Stand Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios

When Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened, Disney would theme all of the beverages and carts in the land to fit seamlessly in the Star Wars universe, although this would cause an issue outside the Walt Disney World.

The specially designed Coke bottles would end up banned by the TSA, due to their grenade-like appearance. This was a temporary issue, but one that did receive some national attention.

Coca Cola currently remains the only soda sold in Disney Parks worldwide outside of Shanghai, and while they no longer have their own store in a Disney Park following the closure of Club Cool in 2019, they remain a constant presence in Walt Disney World that shows no signs of leaving any time soon.